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Field Day 2009




Christmas Party 2008





Memorial Day Weekend 2008




Christmas Party 2007




State Fire Parade - Sept. 2007
West Haven




Labor Day Barbeque






Memorial Day Weekend Cookout - May 21, 2007




Autism Walk/Run - May 6, 2007

Multiple Sclerosis Walk-a-thon - April 22, 2007




West Haven Shelter Drill - April 21, 2007




Woodbridge Shelter Drill - February 10, 2007




Christmas Party 2006









Christmas Party 2005


Christmas Party 2004






Red Cross Emergency Communications Vehicle  
More photos at http://www.carmachicago.com/rcross/redcross.htm



SPARC Cookout

May 30, 2004


February 22, 2004



SPARC Christmas Party 2003


Mohegan Sun Trip

Thanks to Bob KA1ZMF and Karen KA1HKU for the pix!


Pool Party 2003

Thanks to Scott KB1GWY for the pix!


Halloween 2002


Christmas Party 2001


Thimble Islands Cruise !


Holiday Party  2000


Halloween Party Pictures
October 28, 2000


Savin Rock 2000 Pictures - August 6, 2000


Memorial Weekend Cookout -5/28/00


Halloween Party Pictures - October 30, 1999


Memorial Day Cookout 
May 30th 1999


Bowling February 7th, 1999       


SPARC HOLIDAY PARTY - December 21, 1998


Halloween Party October 30, 1998


SPARC Meeting September 28th 1998

Chris N1ZZT, Dave N1YVV & Marla N1XLRDave N1YVV gives a talk on SETIPresident Kennedy N1QAF officiating a SPARC MeetingDave N1YVV gives a talk on SETI


Jeff (NY1M) &
Sandy's Wedding
September 5th, 1998
Two down, one to go!Jeff & Sandy
Jeff & SandyLaurie popping the cork on Brian's bottle!
Jeff bouncing LaurieJeff & Laurie on the trampoline


Ken N1OXL as Post 1Diana N1SUF as Post 12Brian N1LFE - Post 10Mike N1PLH checking out the scenery
Brian N1LFE - Post 10Glenn N1ZZW as Post 8Ken KB1CHH as Post 3Glen N1HAW telling them where to go from Post 1
Rob KB1CIW working hard in the fieldAl & Marla taking a break!Relaxing afterwards at YesterdaysRelaxing afterwards at YesterdaysRelaxing afterwards at Yesterdays

Savin Rock Festival '98


Memorial Day Cookout `98

Josh N1WLQ at Memorial Day CookoutGlenn N1ZZW, Diana N1SUF, Gary N1LFF & Al N1RWEMarla N1XLR, Kathie N1YCZ, Doris N1YQO & Brian N1LFE

Labor Day Cookout 9/6/98
Dave N1YVV having a good laugh!Dorita & Danette - the Double D's!!The winning volleyball team?Happy 25th Birthday
Brian and D.C. (That Darn Cat)Al - the FiremanAnother Volleyball GameKen - KB1CHH



Thanks to N1RWE, N1EDX, KW1S, K1SOX, W1MHz and W1TDP for their contributions to this picture archive.

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