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All persons listed below have a SPARC email account available to them,
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Call Sign Alt. Email User# Name Notes

Call signs in bold use their e-mail address.

AA1NQ   19 Meyer Moquet  
AB1DQ ab1dq at 20 James M. Surprenant  
AC1GD tlaurenson at 32 Tom Laurenson  
K1MF hirampmaxim at 09 Elliott E . Eckert Jr.  
K1ZP   75 Nicholas DiGiorgi  
K2OT   44 Hank Steckler  
K8JAS   13 James Palermo  
KB1SL kb1sl at 35 Les Proul  
KM1A kb1qqa at 73 John Popik  
KW1S   30 Scott Pearson  
K1ALM k1alm at 12 Andrew Masto  
K1CDR   67 Christopher Rubino  
K1DJB djbisme at 29 Daniel Brown  
K1JJN   38 Joseph J. Navin, II  
K1PPR ppr1002 at 36 Philip Rubino  
K1QEX   06 Allen Mushin  
K1RSU iamhe999 at 76 Richard Pizzoferrato  
K1SOX   01 Brian Freeman  
KA1PCG nnn0hla at
11 Bob Hauser  
KA1ZMF     Robert Moreland Silent Key
KB1ERP henry at
14 Henry Farkas Web Page
KB1GXQ   31 Michele Pearson  
KB1HKU keaesq at
65 Karen Moreland  
KB1KHJ   04 Cherie Freeman  
KB1TPS   74 Armand Serio  
KB1TTW   37 David Slater  
KB1UUX   47 Ronald Gershman  
KB1WCO   27 Eric Ingersoll  
KB1ZED   56 Thomas Alegi  
KB1ZWH cq at 72 Guy Rotheram  
KC1EFP jordanshutov at 78 Jordan Shutov  
KC1EFO   79 Alexander Lee  
KC1IIU pappy100 at 22 Donald Perillo  
KW1YL cordiceps9 at 77 Brenda Brown  
N1KN   23 Ken Novicki

Silent Key

N0HVK   21 Chris Walters

Silent Key

N1EDX   52 Frank S. Foster Silent Key
N1HAW   10 Glenn Krieger Silent Key 
N1LUF   07 Mark Goulet  
N1MLZ dopplerbob at 68 Robert Fusaris  
N1NDX smsmailcenter-radio at 33 Steven Siegelaub  
N1PLH msingewald at 34 Michael Singewald  
N1QAF   02 Danette Kennedy  
N1VGS   05 Arthur L Cartier Jr. Silent Key
N1XGT   26 John Siebert  
N1XLY   46 Huntley Holmes Silent Key
N1XQU   55 Diane Cartier Silent Key
NF1Y   57 Tino Russo  
WS1I   28 Donald Iannuzzi  
W1JON w1jonjc21 at
18 John Colavito  
W1MHZ [UNLISTED] 17 Craig Lang  
W1NYY   39 John B. Torello  
W1OXF johanbr at
15 Johan Bruins  
W1RJC r at 24 Rick J Cabral Web Page
W1ZIP   58 Christopher Shaw  
W2EBX fd240 at
25 Kevin Lenz  
WA1SFH  wa1sfh at 16 Douglas Sharafanowich  
-   - Marianna Didriksen Silent


To add your e-mail address to this list and also to correct & update email sparc at  You may also list, in your update, any BRIEF notes you would like placed next to your listing.


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