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  Exchange Active-Sync Email
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Send and receive email, lookup contacts right from your smartphone.

1) Choose Add Exchange Account
2) Choose Active Sync Mode
3) If your phone has a place to enter Domain Name, enter SPARC.  DO NOT enter  Your Login ID would be your call sign.  If your phone does not have a place to enter the domain then the Login ID is sparc\call sign.
4) Enter your sparc email address and password
5) Server Name:
6) Check "uses SSL"

Every phone is slightly different but that is the general information you should need.

The SPARC server requires you assign a password on your phone to keep your email secure.  If you do not wish to keep your email secure, let us know and we can exempt you from this requirement.

If you password protect your phone and it is ever stolen or lost we can, at your request, "wipe" your email information from your phone remotely.  It will still remain safe on the server for you to access.


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