Basic Account Information


Every member will have a SPARC email account available to them.
This account can be accessed by clicking this icon
on the upper right corner of the SPARC page. 

A screen should appear asking your user name and password. 
It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer for this as well as the rest of the site. 

User Name is your call sign
Your password was given to you in the email with your repeater codes.  If you lost it, email sparc at to have it reset.

Click Here to Check Password Policy for SPARC.

Your email address is your call




Additional Information / SPARC Forum (Newsgroup)

There are several features included with this web based email system - Outlook Web App - or OWA for short.  You need to log in as explained above. 

Once logged in, one way to learn about using it is to place your pointer over (hover) a button and wait for the help text to appear.  There is also an online help system.  This can be accessed by clicking the help icon, which is the ? mark shown below.  You can also click on the Settings icon shown below to manage additional items.


Right click on Favorites in the menu to add the SPARC Forum..
Here you can read and post messages to other members.

When replying to a post in the forum, you will notice two options, "REPLY" and "POST REPLY".

You would normally want to use POST REPLY.  This will post your reply to the forum so others can see it.  If you click REPLY, your response will only go to the person's individual mailbox.

Also, there seems to be a minor bug with refreshing messages in the forum.  Hopefully Microsoft will correct this in a future patch.  When new messages are posted, you have to click unread to see them.  When you click all again, the new messages will now show up there as well.

Click here for information on spam in regards to your SPARC account.




POP3 Email
(Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.)

These images are from Outlook XP, your email program might look different, but the settings are the same.

POP3 Server is
SMTP Server is

1. Click Tools and E-Mail Accounts


2. Choose Add a new e-mail account and click Next>


3. Choose POP3 and click Next>


4. Fill in the fields as shown with your own name, SPARC e-mail address and password.


5. Click the "More Settings..." button from the box shown above.
Click on the Outgoing Server Tab and apply settings as shown below.
SMTP Server does require authentication. 
Log on using secure password authentication should NOT be checked.


6. Click the Advanced Tab
Change the Outgoing server (SMTP): to port 505.  It is 25 by default.
Click OK, Next and Finish to complete your account setup.

Please let me know of any problems at k1sox at


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