Foxhunt Rules


Designed to keep this a fun event for all.


1)      The Hidden T signal must be copyable at the starting point by agreement among the hunters present. The start point is the Savin Rock Grove. Call-in frequency is the 147.505 repeater.


2)  The transmitter must be on the club assigned frequency and maintain constant power throughout the hunt. The antenna may be any type having an omni directional pattern. Except for transmitter failure, the same equipment used to start the event, will be used for the entire event, and end the event (i.e. no jumping back and forth between mobile and HT. Even at same power).


3)  The antenna and transmitter shall be within 500 feet of access by standard passenger cars in a publicly accessible area with no charge for admission. Reasonable care must be taken to ensure that hunters can safely get to the hidden T. In the interest of safety, places to be avoided are a.) Highways & Parkways (rest areas),  b.) High traffic areas (vehicle and pedestrian),  c.) Mall parking areas (vehicle and pedestrian traffic) (except out in the open away from other vehicles,  in unused area), d.) Construction areas (areas under construction).    Weather is also a concern; the foxhunt may be canceled by the club president or his designee due to rain, fog or any weather condition that impairs vision. ( SAFETY FIRST).


4)  The fox must remain in a fixed location within the towns of West Haven, Orange and Milford. (i.e. no moving around).


5)  RULE MODIFICATIONS: The following rule modifications must be announced before the day of the hunt and should be announced at least a week early.


Any boundary extensions must be specified.


Any changes to paragraph 6 are to be made a week in advance.


Any off-road distance extensions must be specified.


Alternate frequencies must be announced at the time of the event.


6)  The fox must transmit for 30 seconds and unkey for no more than 90 seconds for the first hour. After the first hour the fox should transmit for 60 seconds and unkey for not more than 60 seconds. All that is required, when transmitting, is a signal with legal ID when needed. No hints during first hour, after first hour hints at fox’s discretion.


Changes last made on: Sunday, November 26, 2006 22:51