Shore Point General Information & Talk Net


When taking check-ins, please wait until the repeater tail drops before reading back the check-ins from each category.  If you key up after every check-in, you'll just end up doubling with the next person trying to check in.


“Welcome to the Shore Point General Information & Talk Net,

sponsored by the Shore Point Amateur Radio Club.

My name is ( your name ), ( your call ).  I’ll be your net control this evening.

This is a controlled net. Please wait your turn and do not break the net unless you have emergency traffic.  
One again, please hold your comments until it is your turn to speak.

This net is open to all amateurs for check-in and general discussion.

Any amateur wishing to sell ham related equipment may do so during their turn"


     (Read any CLUB announcements now…next meeting, breakfast location, etc.)


“Check the SPARC web site at for the latest information."


     (Ask for any additional announcements to be made)


“This is the Shore Point General Information and Talk Net.  We are operating on the 147.505 repeater which has an input of 146.505 as well as the 224.500 and 442.500 repeaters .  All repeaters have a PL tone of 77.  However, the preferred code for the 442.500 machine is DCS 073."


"I would like to start the net by having stations operating mobiles check in first followed by HT’sbase stations, chat room and EchoLink non RF Users.  When checking in, please state your call sign, name & your location. “

“Any mobiles  please check in now.”      Read calls and names back to make sure you have everyone.  

Let mobiles have a go round at this point.


Continue with check in’s.

“Any HT’s please check in now.”  Read calls and names back.

“Any A or W calls please check in now.”   Read calls and names back.

“Any K calls please check in now.”   Read calls and names back.

“Any N calls please check in now.”   Read calls and names back.

"Any stations that are not on RF (PC, Smartphone, etc.), please give us your Call Sign, Name and Location at this time"

Read off any chat room check-ins (if net control has access to the chat room)

After every group has checked in, open it to any calls that want to check in.

Start at the beginning of your list for the first go ‘round with HT’s not the mobiles since the already had a first turn. 


After every 15 minutes or ask for additional check ins.


After the first go ‘round return to the station at the top of the list for the second go ‘round for any closing comments, questions etc.

Close the net by announcing the number of check in’s and that “this is ( your call  ), returning the repeater to normal operations.  

Thanks for checking in!”